"A Tradie's Secret Weapon to a Successful P.O.E.T.S Day!"

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  • Hey Tradies!
    Hey Tradies! Wanna know how you can ditch your business paperwork - FOREVER!

Personalised Tradie Office Packages

  • Never ever deal with
    Painful Paperwork
  • The easiest way to
    get ya money honey
  • To exist, you have to
    get found online
  • Let someone else deal with
    Phone Calls
  • Spend time doing the
    things you love


Myth Busted:

Your little Mrs. does not like doing your
tradie business paperwork.

Sure, she’ll smile politely during the honeymoon stage, but when you have kids – priorities change…

Without real tradie office help, you’ll:

  • Lose leads and miss out on quoting jobs
  • Fall behind on paperwork for suppliers, accounts and clients
  • Have messy bookkeeping and even worse, forget to follow up invoices
  • Struggle with general organisation, balancing jobs and your family

Luckily for you, Off-Site Tradie Admin Solutions have flexible, tailored tradie admin packages to take the pressure off you (and your darling wife) to help you with the money making side of your business.


Testimonials From Our Clients

  • ColourSmart
  • Inspector Hawkeye
  • Blue Streak Plumbing
  • A Virtual Copywriting Monstar
  • Northern Driving School
  • Small Business Knowhow
  • The Cram Foundation
  • Helpful Hands
  • Remondis Australia
  • Illawarra Premier Lawns
  • De-Stress Cleaning
  • Indulge Sense
  • Revive and Unwind Massage
  • Spruce Landscaping

Justin Mazz - ColourSmart

My company's admin was a mess before calling Off-Site Tradie and my nights were in front of a computer trying to catch up. Hanna's knowledge about providing an effective and efficient admin service is outstanding, and teaming up with Hanna has been life changing. Hanna and team understood what my company needed very quickly and continually go above and beyond to streamline systems helping my business to grow.

Now that my work schedule, emailing, reception and admin are all taken care of, it has freed me up to focus more on other areas of my business knowing that my clients are in great hands. Hanna has an excellent attitude toward solving any problems that may arise and is passionate about finding ways to improve my business. She is always up to date with the latest in software too. My business has most definitely benefited from Off-Site Tradie’s services and I highly recommend Hanna and her team.


Luke Blackwood - Inspector Hawkeye

Thanks to Hanna and the team at Off-Site Tradie, we’re more streamlined and we’re consistently delivering on our promise to clients, which is delivering completed and polished reports to our clients within 24 hours of their inspection being completed.

The best thing about Off-Site Tradie is the professionalism and their ability to not just double-check, but triple-check to make sure the information on our reports is correct. They leave no stone unturned when they edit and proof our reports.

Off-Site Tradie are always able to keep up with the latest software and are always actively looking for better solutions to make my business a state-of-the-art virtual office with all the new software that is being produced.

I’m extremely happy with my whole experience of Hanna and her team, and I can’t find fault it at all.


Adam Tanswell - Blue Streak Plumbing

Before I called Off-Site Tradie, things like quoting, invoicing, emails and bookings were taking up all my time. I didn’t know anything about setting up a website or booking system. I wanted my systems and online representation to be smooth and efficient before I started to get busy, so then everything would run well when I did get busy. Hanna really explained things so that I could understand them and set things up so quickly and efficiently, and just made everything seem easy.

Now, I have more time to focus on other things and not have to worry about all the behind-the-scenes details. Not just that, but Hanna’s always willing to use her knowledge of new products and programs that are out there to help my business run and grow.

The best thing is that I can ring up and ask for anything I need and Hanna and her team just get it done without any hassle.


Monique Eddy - A Virtual Copywriting Monstar

I’ve been running my own copywriting and VA business for 8 years but I still don’t know everything! Hanna has been an amazing support and backup for my business over the past year. Hanna helps out with my technical issues – website glitches, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs that won’t format, audio file conversions and system hiccups. She’s also helped me out by proofreading my work (an essential element of my business) and some graphic design items. Hanna’s an amazing sounding board with a sensible business head and a honest and open approach. She is amazing – use her services and you’ll see what I mean.


Peter Imbriano - Northern Driving School

Hanna from Off-Site Tradie has been working closely with Northern Driving School for the past 12 months. The aim was to have a receptionist simply manning our phones.

Since commencing with Off-Site Tradie, Hanna has become more than this. Working closely with Hanna and her team, we have been able to grow and expand our business in the technology side of things, with exciting initiatives to bring us into the 21st century. We are a small company with originally 3 employees and with Hanna’s ideas we now have the potential to grow, and have currently grown, to 4 employees.

Hanna and the team at Off-Site Tradie have taken a lot of the stress and pressures off me for the day-to-day running of the business. They have been very supportive, insightful and patient. Hanna's knowledge is endless and what she does not know she goes out of her way to find out, and help us with initiating and implementing the ideas.

I have very limited knowledge of technology and Hanna is very calm and able to explain things in a manner that I am able to understand without feeling inadequate. We would highly recommend Off-Site Tradie to anyone.


Dianne Kennedy - Small Business Knowhow

Thanks also for your very professional assistance in making my holiday stress free. Between you and your team I had not a worry while I was away. That means so much to me and I’m so grateful.


Sheila Frater - The Cram Foundation

Your technical knowledge and skills have been a great advantage and support to us in the development of our document control system. Your patience as we learned the application and your flexibility to accommodate last minute changes requested by the CEO are acknowledged and appreciated.

During our ACIS Quality Audit this week we received excellent feedback about the system and its application - this is most certainly down to you.

Thank you again for your initiatives that have helped Cram in its aim for continuous improvement.


Hanna is amazing!!! I had an idea in my head concerning a competition for an upcoming expo. Hanna got the idea and took it for an amazing journey and delivered the most outstanding work I have ever seen.

I cannot thank you enough for your help & assistance!!

More than highly recommend Hanna thankyou!


Hanna worked for me on a challenging data administration project. As Business Systems Analyst for a world-leading waste management company I found her friendly, reliable and dedicated, and her contribution was invaluable and always exceeded expectation.

At completion, I was sorry to see her move on to her next assignment. I would engage Hanna again at any time for any task to be managed to the highest standard. I recommend her without reservation.


Mark Brown - Illawarra Premier Lawns

As a small business owner with very little knowledge in computer skills, Hanna's services have been invaluable.

She took over my invoicing making it more efficient and attractive, and also takes care of my data entry for MYOB which has given me more time to focus on my business, and to relax after hours. It has reduced my stress in these areas as I have total faith in her competence.

I would recommend her time and time again.


Dionne Bista - De-Stress Cleaning

Hanna has done more for me and my business than I would like to admit to. Without the help and support from Hanna, my business would not be what it is today.

I was someone who was a little clueless so to speak on the record keeping side of my business, so a friend recommended Hanna to me, and making that call was the best thing I ever did; she even created spreadsheets for my business that were extremely useful, easy to comprehend, and much needed. I have every bit of faith in Hanna and would highly recommend their services.

Thank you for all of your good advice and support over the past two years, that you have given to me and my business.


Jenna Osborne - Indulge Sense

Without Hanna's help I would still be staring at a blank website wondering when I was going to find the time to complete it. With Hanna's assistance and professional service I now have a wonderful completed website and the time to focus on other areas of the business.

I cannot put enough value on the tips and hints I learnt along the way thanks to the support package. I am very grateful to Hanna for the quality service delivered.


Hanna really knows her stuff, she has saved me so much time and taught me so much!!! Highly recommend!


Chloe Wedgewood - Spruce Landscaping

I don’t know what we’d do without Hanna and her team. Since we’ve been outsourcing our admin and bookings to them our business has truly been transformed. Super organised, super-efficient in their knowledge for everything trades and admin related is absolutely second to none. They’re always positive, treat our clients like their own, have a great attitude and we’re confident they are a huge factor in our growth and growing successes.

We definitely recommend them to any trades company struggling to juggle the demands of admin who want to just focus on being on the tools … that is, except for our competitors of course.